Conjuring up the mood of 1930s Paris, fused with the energy of a campfire jam session, The Schmoozenbergs’ uplifting gypsy swing music will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Combining original compositions (new album ‘Awaken’ due for release mid-2019), with imaginative interpretations of classic jazz tunes, they bring irresistible rhythms, lyrical melodies and playful improvisation, to create a lively and heart-warming sound.

 “Relaxed yet upbeat (and eminently  accomplished) swinging gypsy-jazz from this Bristol-based four-piece. A delightful break from the stresses of the day.”

(Festivalflyer.com : Glastonbury Festival, 2017)

Sam Stennett (Guitar)
Tom Brydon-Smith (Guitar)
Gina Griffin (Violin)
Ron Phelan (Double Bass)